We believe that football is the most powerful tool in the world for uniting communities and encouraging people to achieve their goals

Sean Lindblad

“I believe football can unite people, it can instill passion, it can cross communities and challenge the way people think. Most importantly, football can help people to become self-advocates and command their narrative.”

Sean was the founder of COLFC Community in 2016 as as a way for isolated refugee’s & asylum seekers to be engaged in their own communities.  He leads on COLFC Community’s key operational priorities of strategy, fundraising, finance, recruitment and evaluation and monitoring.

Sean started COLFC Community as he sees football as the perfect tool to unite communities and to help people to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Mike Meadows

“I firmly believe in compassionately advocating for our refugee footballers and in instilling the club’s culture of fostering a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for all participants to thrive and most importantly, have fun”

Michael joined COLFC Community in early 2017 to lead the organisation’s football strategy and community coaching programmes. He has been a football coach for over ten years, having worked with a number of Community clubs across the North West in both men’s and women’s football. 

 Michael has a track record of working with vulnerable adults and young people with various organisations, and has worked extensively with religious communities in previous volunteering roles.  Mike is our Head Coach and holds a Director’s position on the Management Committee alongside the organisation’s founder Sean Lindblad.