The philosophy we base our games around

Our guiding philosophy aims to give all volunteers a guide to how we work, ensuring we present a constant message across all of our sessions.

  • Use football to make a positive impact on people’s lives, either through giving them the opportunity to play football that they may not have had or by encouraging them to volunteer with our team.
  • Focus on the player and encourage them to play fast passing football.
  • Ease players into playing that may not be used to the experience of competing.
  • Focus on player effort rather than outcome. We are a club for all players regardless of skill level and we need to always be aware of this
  • Understand the learning process of each individual may be different and that their level of skill will improve without them being intimidated through fear, shame or verbal abuse
  • Build a partnership with all players and be willing to listen to all of them, no one voice is louder than the rest.
  • We use training exercises that are simple to explain, understand and that make sure players know why they’re doing them.
  • We stamp out cliques at all costs – obviously, friendships are formed, and players have some things in common with some more than others, but when they play, they play as a team, and they’re there because they want to play.