All about our football for everyone scheme.

Find out more about our scheme that brings refugees/asylum seekers and local lads together.

Our two guiding principles when setting up our football for everyone scheme was to ensure that people would come together to play football from communities that otherwise would never have met, namely refugees/asylum seekers and local lads. The other main aim we had was that cost would not be a preclusion to anyone competing, by making our sessions free to everyone it ensures people have access to healthy activities that they may otherwise have been excluded from.

Our 11-a-side sessions run every Sunday at Everton Park Sports centre, Liverpool. The  sessions focus on fitness, improving technical skills and some game-related scenarios. We place a great emphasis on ensuring players are mixing with each other and take swift action to remedy any cliques that form, the aim of our project is not to win matches, it is to get local lads and refugees/asylum seekers socialising together and become a beacon of hope in helping them feel a part of this great city of ours.

The sessions are open to all abilities and fitness levels but are focused on preparing for 11-a-side football. For those players who wish to progress further and play more competitive football we also help in arranging trials so those players who do come to us at a high skill level get the chance to show off there talents.